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Opera Browser for WindowsOpera Browser for AndroidOpera Browser for MacA fast next-generation web browser!Opera is one of the oldest browsers in the market and runs on the versatile Google Chromium system. With a simple interface and plenty of features, Opera... Release updates from the Chrome team. Dev Channel Update for Desktop. Friday, May 29, 2020 We update this category constantly but we are always looking for new apps do not be shy, please contact us and tell us if we think we should feature your app or another app that you think people should definitely give a chance.Google Chrome, one of the most popular browsers, supports a wide range of standards and technologies, including Flash and HTML5. Using the browser, you can... Rate this App. Keep Chrome updated with the Uptodown APP. About this version

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Google Chrome is a fast, easy to use, and secure web browser. Designed for Android, Chrome brings you personalized news articles, quick links to your favorite sites, downloads, and Google Search and.. Windows XP ve Windows Vista artık desteklenmediğinden, bu bilgisayar Google Chrome güncellemelerini artık almayacaktır. Mac OS X 10.10 veya daha yeni sürümler için Chrome apps can be hosted or packaged. Hosted apps have their background web pages on a remote server and the app acts like a bookmark or shortcut;[5] packaged apps have off-line functionality making use of local storage. Chrome Apps don't allow changing document location. We can use a special Chrome API command this.window.chrome.runtime.reload() though. I have put a changed script to https.. Chapter 1. Your First Chrome App In this chapter, I'll take you step by step through building your Get Programming Chrome Apps now with O'Reilly online learning. O'Reilly members experience live..

Google Photos finally has a slideshow feature. Yes, long missing from the Android app and the photos.google.com website was a way to quickly play through an album or collection without manually jabbing the arrow keys. […] Google Chrome, one of the most popular browsers, supports a wide range of standards and ARC Welder stands for App Runtime for Chrome. It is a development and IT plug-in that functions as an.. How do I start Google Chrome in application mode? What I want is to surf to a website, such as www.facebook.com, directly without borders or address bar, etc

Chrome was developed out of frustration at the state of browsers that limited Google's increasingly complex web apps. In creating its own browser, Google could push the state of the web and build the.. To get a Chrome Extension source code, the utility parses the provided .crx file, extracts 'magic' header and stored code signature. Along with meta-data, the .crx file contains .zip-archive This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Get more done with the new Google Chrome on iPhone and iPad. Now more simple, secure and faster-than-ever, with Google Smarts.. Zoom for Chrome for WindowsA free face-to-face video service via Google ChromeZoom offers face-to-face video, instant messaging, and high quality screen sharing via your Google Chrome web browser. The extension connects you directly to... innovative app store

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  1.  by Juniya · Published May 18, 2020 · Last modified May 27, 2020
  2. ARC Welder for Chrome54.5021.651.03.4(351 votes)DownloadARC Welder for Chrome for WindowsApplication emulator web plug-inARC Welder stands for App Runtime for Chrome. It is a development and IT plug-in that functions as an emulator for Android devices. The app allows you to...
  3. Get Form Publisher for Chrome and automatically turn your submitted forms into Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Word, Excel, PDF presentations that you can edit and manage.

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Open Chrome on your PC or Mac. If you're using a PC, you'll find it in the All... This wikiHow teaches you how to open Google Chrome apps (such as Gmail, Docs, and Calendar) when you're using a.. Chrome apps gain native powers and desktop launcher on Windows and Chrome OS, Mac, Linux Chromebooks have had the luxury of an app launcher for quite a while, but now Windows users can.. This subreddit explores the functionality of running Android applications on Chrome OS, Windows Please first consult this post to see a list of compatible apps, with download links to modified apks Our apps are open source and support reproducible builds. This means that anyone can independently verify that our code on GitHub is the exact same code that was used to build the apps you download..

Chromium. A 100% free & open-source browser compatible with all Google Chrome extensions. Here, you see your Chromium version. It works only if your web browser is based on Chromium like..  by Juniya · Published March 15, 2018 · Last modified March 31, 2020 Google Translate for AndroidGoogle Translate for WindowsGoogle Translate for iPhoneGoogle Translate for Web AppsThe perfect way to connect globally!Google Translate is an excellent tool to translate random text, phrases, and words from one language to another. With plenty of features and support for over...Task manager Todoist has rolled out redesigned versions of its web and web-based Chrome app.  The task management app arrived in the Chrome Web Store late last year having racked up a user base of over 3 million […]SoftonicAppsGamesArticlesBingeWindowsAndroidMaciPhonePWAWeb AppsSoftonic in:EspañolEnglishFrançaisDeutschItalianoPortuguêsPolskiNederlands日本語Türkçe한국어/조선말РусскийعربيBahasa IndonesiaTiếng Việtภาษาไทย中文Search for apps, articles...WindowsAndroidMaciPhonePWAWeb AppsAdvertisement

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Самые новые твиты от Chrome Free Apps (@apps_chrome): How to download Whatsapp for #WhatsApp #whatsappweb #chromestore #chrome #apps WhatsApp Web On Chrome ADD TO.. If you have questions, search or ask at StackOverflow (observe the google-chrome-app tag) or join the Chromium Apps Google group. The Zoom application on Chrome OS allows users to start or join meetings from their Chromebook. The zoom application on Chrome OS can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store Download AppSheet for Chromebook & Chrome to experience a fresh and easier way to create your own apps using data from Excel or Google Sheets with Google Drive. It is free and their step by step type system really makes this app worth your time to try.

100+ Best Chrome Extensions and Web Apps in the Chrome Web Store. That being said, there are a lot of app stores popping up, be it mobile, application or browser based Lusha's chrome extension enriches any business profile with full contact details. Lead Enrichment in a Click. Add Lusha to Chrome now and enjoy 5 free credits every month Google published a Chrome app in the Windows Store earlier today, which just directed The Verge understands Google created this installer app to combat the fake Chrome apps that can be found in.. Addoncrop is an online webstore that offers quality browser extensions for all the major browsers including chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and others Chrome Apps, not to be confused with Chrome Extensions, are often just bookmarks that take you to a Web service. Other times, they're full-blown applications built exclusively for Google Chrome

Home of the Chromium Open Source Project. Chrome Apps Migration. Overview. This page will serve as your guide for how to move Chrome. Proxy SwitchyOmega: 插件版Chrome浏览器SOCKS代理工具. Chrome浏览器SOCKS代理工具 Articles Filed Under Chrome Apps. Google Kills Chrome Apps: Here's Everything You Need to Google is dropping support for web apps on Windows, Mac & Linux. In this post we look at the..

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  1. Google Chrome has become one of the most used today because of its speed, efficiency and Google Chrome is renowned for exceptional speed. Executing actions fast, users waste no time..
  2. I use it on my desktop, laptop, my phone, and pretty much every device I can put it on. I've been using chrome every since I was just a kid - and there's definitely not a better web application than this. it has more features than any other regular web browser that I have seen. furthermore, I absolutely have no idea why it has a 3 star rating on this app store. it should definitely have more considering the work and dedication Google has put Into this app. the interface is very smooth and comfortable to me and every single webpage loads flawlessly. if you are reading this I would definitely recommend chrome to you, no matter what anybody says. keep up the good work Google!
  3. SetupVPN - Lifetime Free VPN for WindowsFree VPN software for Google Chrome usersSetupVPN - Lifetime Free VPN provides exactly what its title suggests. It offers users free and unfettered access to a virtual private network. Virtual...

I’ve created a PWA or Android app to replace my Chrome App, what do I need to do to help transition my users?Google is dropping support for web apps on Windows, Mac & Linux. In this post we look at the reasons why, what happens to apps already installed, and more. google-chrome --disable-web-security. If you need access to local files for dev purposes like AJAX or JSON, you can use --allow-file-access-from-files flag. Remark

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Chrome. One fast, simple, and secure browser for all your devices. Get started. A new music streaming app. Made by YouTube. Get started Download ClickUp on any and every device. ClickUp is available as mobile, desktop, voice, and browser apps. overview. web. iOS. Android. chrome. desktop. alexa The Chrome app remains in beta, and lets you read, respond to, search and archive your messages AudioSauna is the Chrome app that will help give you your start. A full audio workstation with an.. Google Hangouts for WindowsGoogle Hangouts for MacConnect with more people with HangoutsGoogle is easily one of the most prolific web development companies thanks to its wide variety of offered services. It has a video streaming platform, email... Open Google Chrome on your PC Search for ARC Welder app extension for Chrome Install the extension and click on 'Launch app' butto

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© 2016 SingleClickApps. All Rights Reserved · Privacy · About · History · Contact Contribute to GoogleChrome/chrome-app-samples development by creating an account on GitHub A Google Chrome App, or commonly just Chrome App, is a web application that runs on the Google Chrome web browser. Chrome apps can be obtained from the Chrome Web Store where apps, extensions, and themes can be installed or bought. There are two types of apps, hosted and packaged, which have different locations of their executable and are targeted at different use cases.[1] On August 19, 2016, Google announced that it would begin phasing out Chrome Apps for Windows, Mac and Linux (both packaged and hosted) by the end of 2016, finishing the process in early 2018.[2] The company said that such apps will, however, continue to be supported and maintained on Chrome OS "for the foreseeable future".[2][3]

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  1. Google says Progressive Web Apps are the future of app-like webpages
  2. Writing a Chrome App is the ONLY way to have your app installed on a Chromebook. Chromebooks are appealing, inexpensive, low maintenance devices that provide a full web experience
  3. Google Sheets for Chrome for WindowsGoogle Sheets for Chrome for AndroidGoogle Sheets for Chrome for iPhoneGoogle Sheets for ChromeGoogle Sheets for Chrome brings Google’s outstanding productivity tool straight into the convenience of a Google Chrome Extension. Goodbye signing into Gmail...
  4. Google Chrome (64-bit)83.0.4103.613.7(20348 votes)Free DownloadGoogle Chrome (64-bit) for WindowsGoogle Chrome is one of the best browsersGoogle Chrome is one of the leading internet browsers, and for good reason. You’ve just bought a new computer and you are wondering which browser to use....
  5. Note: These are useful only for Chrome OS devices. They are not added to the toolbar but will be installed in the "Apps" page. If you want an extension added to the toolbar, see the above list of Chrome extensions.
  6. Download Trello for Chrome and easily manage your tasks, projects and goals with this realible management app that works perfectly even on Chromebooks.
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أصبح متصفَّح Chrome أكثر بساطة وأمانًا وأسرع من ذي قبل بفضل ميزات Google الذكية. لن يتلقّى هذا الكمبيوتر تحديثات Google Chrome بعد الآن، لأن الإصدارات بين Mac OS X.. English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese Google Chrome for Windows and Mac is a free web browser developed by internet giant Google. Chrome is designed to offer its users a fast and easy browsing experience , reason why its user..

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  1. Once you have defined one of the two fields, you also need to invoke chrome.management.installReplacementWebApp() in your app to prompt Chrome for the migrating dialogue.
  2. If you've been using Chrome Apps to get your work done, then you're going to need to rethink how The news comes via Ars Technica, which noticed that the Chrome Apps option has been removed..
  3. Open in Desktop Download ZIP Downloading Want to be notified of new releases in GoogleChrome/chrome-app-samples?
  4. This wikiHow teaches you how to uninstall the Google Chrome web browser from your computer or smartphone. If you're using an Android, you usually can't uninstall Google Chrome due to Chrome..

致力于降低使用Chrome扩展插件的门槛,用非常简单的方式来提升用户体验。 承蒙客官大驾光临,通过点赞、打赏可以帮助小站长期生存 I’m migrating a Chrome App to PWA and missing an API, will an equivalent API be available? If not, how can I request a new Web Capability? 

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A new 'by Google' Chrome app has surfaced in the Chrome Web Store. Its job: to let users make a Chrome app from a website easy as pie.Baidu Browser for WindowsBaidu Browser for AndroidEasy-to-use and attractive UI!Baidu Browser, formerly called Baidu Spark Browser, is a Chromium-based internet browser. Since it uses the same engine that powers Google Chrome, Baidu...Most of these apps also work on any OS that supports the Google Chrome browser that means Linux, Mac, Windows and of course Chrome OS(Chromebook). We usually mention that when we make the post.

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  1.  by Gloria Brown · Published May 25, 2018 · Last modified March 31, 2020
  2. Chrome is great for everything and works across all my devices so it’s nice but the app recently changed one of their buttons and is making it a hassle to use. The center button at the bottom of the screen used to pull up the search bar a the keyboard which made it easy instead of having to reach to the top of the screen to tap the omnibar to start searching. It is now a new tab button that is really frustrating as I instinctively tap that button when I pull up a new tab. So now I have to close the second new tab and then tap the omnibar at the top of my iPhone which has a pretty lengthy screen. A bit of a regression in terms of user friendliness so I’m writing this in hopes of them changing the button back or at least giving us the option to choose what the button does.
  3. Google may shuttered Chrome apps on desktop versions of its browser, but Chrome apps remain an essential part of the separate Chromebook and Chrome OS ecosystem, with an ever-expanding..
  4. g to the Web Platform. If you use these APIs in your existing Chrome App, you can find out more about these APIs on the Web Updates page. If there is an API you use and it isn’t on our Web Platform Fugu API Roadmap , please file a new feature request where you can provide information about your desired use case.  As we work towards full deprecation, this feedback will help us deter

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  1. Thanks for checking out Chrome Music Lab. Unfortunately, your browser doesn't support the technology that makes these experiments work. For the best experience,view it on Chrome
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  3. A Google Chrome App, or commonly just Chrome App, is a web application that runs on the Google Chrome web browser. Chrome apps can be obtained from the Chrome Web Store where apps, extensions, and themes can be installed or bought
  4.  by Juniya · Published March 23, 2020 · Last modified May 18, 2020
  5. How you can Run android apps in chrome browser in windows/mac/linux ARC Welder-https..
  6. Google Chrome Older Versions Download (Windows, Linux & Mac). Why use an older version of Google only provides an online setup file for Google Chrome which installs the latest version of..
  7. Please note, you can not delete the web app folder, since Chrome will load the web app from this To publish your web app to the Chrome Web Store you will need to be the owner of the domain used by..

Hangouts for WindowsHangouts for AndroidHangouts for iPhoneA versatile and free messaging appHangouts is the Google chat application you can use on multiple devices to stay in touch with friends and family. It works as an extension for most browsers,... 1.7K likes. www.chrome-apps.info. See more of Chrome Apps Info on Facebook Get Houseparty for Chromebook and experience a unique social networking app that enables group video chatting using literally any OS. by Frank Cross · Published December 13, 2018 · Last modified March 31, 2020 Excel Online for WindowsCreate amazing spreadsheets online for freeExcel Online is a free app for the Google Chrome browser and can be used with any operating system that supports Chrome. As an online version of the popular...

Google Chrome Latest Version setup for Windows 64/32 bit. Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google It was first released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows, and was later.. Get Zoom for Chromebook and experience a stable video conferencing app that allows you to work at home remotely and you can send audio, images and texts.

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Create your own designs with Canvas. Express yourself with natural brushes and hand-picked colors. Never lose a masterpiece with automatic syncing to your Google account Toolbox for Google Play Store is an extension for Chrome/Opera/Brave/Firefox/Microsoft Edge and enhances the Google Play Store with many different features. It is from Android Police

Download Pear Deck for Chrome and experience one of the best student and teacher applications that lets you integrate easily with any classroom.Download Awesome Table for Chrome and easily convert your Google Spreadsheet data into various types of views with a click of a button. Google Chrome is a high-speed browser. It works quickly and without hassle providing all options of the web version and supporting innovative technologies and major standards including Flash and HTML

About UsSoftonic InfoHelp & SupportJobsCompany NewsDevelopersSoftonic Developer HubUpload and Manage your SoftwareSoftware PolicyAdvertising OpportunitiesLegalLegal InformationTerms of usePrivacy PolicyCookie PolicyCookie settingsUsersBecome a fan of SoftonicFollow us @SoftonicGoogle+LinkedInFlickrSubscribe to our RSS feedsBingeAppCrawlrSoftonic BusinessSoftonic in:EspañolEnglishFrançaisDeutschItalianoPortuguêsPolskiNederlands日本語Türkçe한국어/조선말РусскийعربيBahasa IndonesiaTiếng Việtภาษาไทย中文The name and logo of Softonic are registered trademarks of SOFTONIC INTERNATIONAL S.A.On January 15, 2020 Google announced that Chrome will begin phasing out support for Chrome Apps across all operating systems starting in March 2020, with support for Chrome OS available until June 2021.[4] Chrome App Launcher, the new kind of Chrome App, allows you to launch your favorite apps right from the desktop, which brings together the speed, security and flexibility of the modern web with the.. Email Address » Chromebooks that can run Android apps » Facebook Lite for Chromebook » Toon Blast for Chromebook » Cheapest Chromebooks to buy » VLC for Chromebook » MX Player for Chromebook » uTorrent for Chromebook

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Chrome App and Extension Monitoring. See full history of installs, reviews and ratings. More data then the Chrome Web Store Chrome App for Dahuas. Thread starter nayr. Start date Sep 20, 2016. Note this is a Chrome App, you have to launch the app and it will open a new browser window will open.

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 by Juniya · Published August 6, 2018 · Last modified March 31, 2020 Chrome Apps, Chrome Web, Google Classroom, Web Browser, Tool Box, Definitions, Allergies, Planning. Android Theme, Android Apps, Safe Internet, Chrome Apps, Hero Games, Announcement.. Netflix for Chrome for WindowsAccess your favorite movies and TV shows instantlyNetflix is a free extension and app for the Google Chrome web browser and for use with Google’s Chromebook. Designed to provide users access to the streaming...

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March 2020: Chrome Web Store will stop accepting new Chrome Apps. Developers will be able to June 2021: End support for Chrome Apps on Chrome OS. Customers who have Chrome Enterprise.. Are applications in the Chrome Web Store different from other web apps? When Google Chrome users install a web application from the store, a convenient shortcut is added for quickly accessing.. Google Chrome & Apps. Achieving integration with browsing and app solutions. Integrate Planio with Google Chrome and Google Apps for Business to enjoy easy access across applications and a.. This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. 【转】chrome扩展开发入门

Chrome is designed to be fast in every possible way. It's quick to start up from your desktop, loads web Chrome's browser window is streamlined, clean and simple. For example, you can search and.. Chrome Extension Downloader. easily download chrome extensions. History. Overall Chrome Extension Downloader was 2 824 910 times useful Google Chrome is currently the most popular web browser on the market. The browser is using a Blink rendering engine, supports the latest Web standards and works very quickly. Chrome is available for.. Writer is a material design text editor for Chrome and Chrome OS. It's free, works offline, offers a choice of fonts and boasts several color schemes.

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Chrome versions. Chrome Platform Status. All features Releases Samples Free. Android. Category: Communication. Google Chrome is a fast, easy to use, and secure web browser. Designed for Android, Chrome brings you personalized news articles..

Google Chrome Free Download - Explore the web using Google's super-fast browser. Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the Web..  by Juniya · Published May 19, 2020 · Last modified May 27, 2020 iOS: Chrome for iOS has been updated with full iOS 8 support, including the ability to use To share a web site from Chrome to another app, just tap the hamburger menu, then select Share.. If you are migrating users to ARC++, you need to add the replacement_android_app field and the package name for the replacement Android App. (note, this field will be added for Chrome M81+). Google Chrome browser help and information with a full list of Chrome questions and answers

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Packaged apps were launched on September 5, 2013.[6] They have features very similar to a native desktop app, namely offline capable (by default), can interact with hardware devices, and can access local storage.[7][8] Packaged apps are not confined to the regular Chrome interface and can display without a classic window menu and operating system user interface elements.[7][8] This page will serve as your guide for how to move Chrome.* App API to the Web Platform and its APIs. Each app installed from the Chrome Web Store will have different accessibility concerns and issues. Before using this app to share student information, you may need to obtain your students' consent as..

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Your favourite Logitech Unifying computer accessory may now work with your Chromebook, thanks to the launch of a new app. Google Chrome Apps (not to be confused with the Chrome app itself on mobile platforms) deliver an experience as capable as a native app, but as safe as a web page My Chrome app essentially adds an icon in Chrome's New Tab page that takes you to the associated website upon clicking (much like any bookmark). The Chrome extension offers a little more.. Chrome-apps.ru is tracked by us since December, 2014. Over the time it has been ranked as high Chrome-apps has the lowest Google pagerank and bad results in terms of Yandex topical citation.. FortiClient for WindowsFree Software for Virus BustersFortiClient is a free extension for Google Chrome that has been designed especially for corporate use. People who are connected to a corporate network will...

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Google Chromeの拡張機能をひたすら試して、おすすめのものを32個厳選しました。 目的に応じて、使えそうなものを探して頂ければと思います Browse a list of some of the most popular Chrome Extensions of course we also include and regularly feature fresh Chrome software that you might have not heard about just yet. The Chrome app store has never quite had the same levels of attention as its Android counterpart. We ran several apps on Chrome OS, but AW is said to run on any PC, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook.. So far Google allowed developers to create apps for the Chrome browser that could function similar to the standalone apps and run on Linux, Mac or a Windows-based computer with a Chrome browser

Download Google Chrome APK 74..3729.157 for Android. Google's web browser designed for mobile devices. Get .apk files for Google Chrome old versions 9to5Google Daily 454: The Android 11 beta drops early for some, June Pixel Feature Drop arrives, plus more

 by George Jeff · Published August 29, 2018 · Last modified May 19, 2020 This simple Chrome trick will help you appreciate Windows tiles. It also works on Windows 8. You can turn any website into an app that launches in its own window. Perfect for small screens Home » Android Apps » Google Chrome for Android. Google Chrome Apk for Android is an astonishing surprise for Android users. A simple, fast, and secure web browser for searching websites.. Fast Video Downloader for WindowsAn easy-to-use video downloader!Fast Video Downloader is an excellent alternative for platforms like Video Downloader Professional. With this program, you can easily and quickly download...Get Grammarly for Chrome & Chromebook and experience a unique way this app can detect errors on your tone, grammar and spelling.

Get more done with the new Google Chrome. A more simple, secure, and faster web browser than ever, with Google's smarts built-in. Download now From within the Chrome Apps tab (or the Chrome OS menu), you should see the launcher for Gliffy Diagrams. Click the launcher and then register the app (it's fre,e and you can opt out of receiving.. Chrome OS Device Support for Apps. App Rendering Differences on Chromebooks. Android developers can distribute apps on Chromebooks through the Google Play Store Note: These are useful only for Chrome OS devices. They are not added to the toolbar but will be installed in the Apps page. If you want an extension added to the toolbar, see the above list of.. Download Smartsheet For Chrome allows your organization to get work done. Smartsheet let’s you plan, track, automate, and report on work, enabling you to move from idea to action easily.

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Latest Apps, Games and Extensions for Google Chrome. OctoBrowser crx 1.6.5 for Chrome (Productivity Extension) New. Editor's word: Control OctoPrint from any url! Pocket для Chrome. Установить Pequeños programas que añaden nuevas funciones al navegador para personalizar tu experiencia de navegación.. Google Chrome83.0.4103.613.9(60798 votes)Free DownloadGoogle Chrome for WindowsGoogle Chrome for AndroidGoogle Chrome for MacGoogle Chrome for iPhoneThe quickest, simplest, and smartest browser!

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Hola Unlimited Free VPN for WindowsThe perfect extension for bypassing restrictions!Hola Unlimited Free VPN is a browser extension for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. It allows you to access streaming websites and content in other... Google has shuttered the Chrome Apps section of its Chrome browser web store, following through Packaged apps, which first appeared on Mac in 2013, could be downloaded into the Applications.. Adblock for WindowsExperience ads-free browsingAdBlock is an ads-blocker, available as an extension for Google Chrome. The popular extension allows users to stop seeing obtrusive advertisements on...

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Because Chrome can run a web page as s stand alone app, it begs the question, can you force it to In your taskbar, the app will appear with the website's favicon used as the app icon. You can pin it to.. Chrome apps are very efficient and powerful. You can start with Google official documentation Create Your First App If you are like to build app with Chrome Dev Editor.. Google launch a new play store for PC versions of apps. Is it possible that you can produce an app That aounds like an amazig idea, I realy would like to pkay it in chrome similwr to what aqngry abirds..

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